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Meluka Health
Private Company

Eve Investments holds a 50% interest in Meluka Health. Meluka Health is a wellness and nutrition company that develops and sells its naturally derived, organic and ecologically pure products created using its old growth Australian Melaleuca tea tree plantation which are worldly acclaimed for their medicinal activity. Meluka Health is currently focused on producing high quality organic medicinal honey and the development of a bee health tonic.

Key assets of Meluka Health will be Medic Honey and a TGA approved manufacturing business.  Medic Honey has a number of new product opportunities:

Melaleuca (Meluka) honey – superior organic honey produced by bees pollinating on melaleuca tea trees in the Bungawalbyn Valley Basin;

Medicinal Melaleuca (Meluka) honey – a premium ingestible medicinal honey product, produced by bees pollinating on melaleuca tea trees in the Bungawalbyn valley basin; 

Medicinal Melaleuca Serum – A topical highly medicinal honey serum for use in treating wounds, cuts, sores and other skin conditions;

Hemp Seed Honey –incorporating the health benefits of hemp seed which has a concentrated balance of proteins, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes combined with a relative absence of sugar, starches and saturated fats and combined with Meluka Honey to deliver an exception flavour profile;

Medicinal cannabis honey – a premium medicinal honey product produced by by Bees harvesting on cannabis plants; and

Honey Water – a co-operation agreement with Refresh Group Limited (ASX:RGP) to develop a product range utilising organic Meluka honey produced by Meluka Health and Australian water.

Meluka Health has entered into an exclusive for honey produced from hives located on two organic melaleuca tea tree plantations, Jendale and Robyndale, located in the Bungawalbyn valley basin of NSW.  Jendale is an old growth plantation that is wild crafted in its natural state and has been identified as an origin of the species plantation for the melaleuca alternifolia.  Robyndale is a farmed organic melaleuca tea tree plantation.  The supplier, Bee Services, is one of Australia’s largest producers of organic honey products.

Meluka Health also holds option agreements to acquire both the Jendale and Robyndale tea tree plantations and a US distribution business, Naturally Australian Products (NAP). NAP has an established business in the US distributing tea tree oil and other essential oils and is the exclusive North American distribution partner for Meluka Health’s honey product portfolio.

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